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The shipment of goods is not an isolated action in relation to other operations, so planning plays a crucial role.
Organizing the shipment of goods daily means:
Know what the orders are and confirm that they will be prepared and shipped on time.
Sort the list of orders to be prepared.
Schedule loading dock occupancy.
Provide the necessary space in the temporary storage area next to the shipment.
Goods consolidation consists of combining and grouping goods from the different picking areas or the warehouse for later dispatch.
Normally, within the shipping area of the warehouse, an adjacent space is reserved for this task. Of course, the consolidation of goods largely depends on the outbound order. If picking is carried out in a disorderly sequence, there is a risk that the goods will be stopped in the shipment waiting for the other references that complete the order
The dispatch of the goods represents the last contact of the product with the warehouse.
This is where the final documentation is verified. In this way it is possible to avoid errors and ensure that the customer receives exactly what he asked for. To do so, it is necessary to check the different associated documents and verify that the products requested are those on the pallets. All information is confirmed by our Warehouse Management System.
It is also verified that the weighing and volume of the order are in accordance with the requirements and, finally, the labeling is carried out. The goods are then packed or packed in boxes or pallets, including strapping and baling.
Place the goods on the truck, balancing the loads. To carry out this step, we often use pallet trucks or forklifts.
It is a task that we carry out with extreme care.

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